Yoga In The Park

I’ve attended a handful of yoga classes in the past, but I’ve never really enjoyed them. I realise that teaching a yoga class can be a tricky task – after all, you’ve got a a group with varied ability and experience  that need to be instructed on how to move and how to breath, but cannot always see you. I’ve found the beginners classes I’ve attended pretty frustrating and pretty dull though, and usually too expensive for me to attend regularly. Instead I tend to do yoga at home alone, using books and apps and Youtube videos – not ideal, but I’ve enjoyed it.


A couple of weeks ago I spotted a tweet from @Finsbury_Pk about some yoga classes taking place in my local Finsbury Park, run by Mindful Movements. With no overheads for a venue the classes were just £5 for an hour and, as Mindful Movements is run by two dancers, I hoped that the classes would be slightly more energetic than those previous classes that comprised almost solely of sun salutations.

And I was right. The class was really great and really dynamic.

Our teacher for the session, Aya, gave excellent instructions. She spoke clearly and continually throughout the class, describing breathing patterns and posture as we repeated sequences several times. There were some people in the class who were clearly quite experienced (and bendy), but there were also some who were very new to yoga and took a few tumbles. However, the constant instruction meant we could fall over, get up and try again quite easily.

It was really nice to do yoga outside. After my garden yoga evening with Marathon Girl a few weeks ago I knew that stuffy yoga classes in the gym would never be for me. The park was not silent of course, but I liked being able to hear the world going by while taking some time to work with our awesome bodies. One woman did feel like she was getting a little bit too close to nature and let out some squeals when she got bitten by bugs (I’m not sure if the bugs were also joining in the class or pissed off at her mat blocking the entrance to their house), but I’m definitely a fan of Yoga In The Park.

IMG_1908My lovely housemate, Amy (centre), joined me for the class.

Mindful Movements currently run their Yoga In The Park classes at 10am on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Meet at the Greenroutes plant shop and community garden, or under the yoga tree opposite (if you know where it is).

They are also now offering Pilates In The Park classes too on Sundays at 11am, which I will definitely be giving a try after this marathon malarkey is over with.


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