The race that I forgot about.

Time has flown by over the last year, and so it’s hardly surprising that an event I have been very much looking forward to has snuck up very suddenly!

Months ago, while in the midst of half marathon training, I signed up to run in the Welsh Castles Relay with my club, the Mornington Chasers. The event has a reputation within the club for being a great weekend away – scenic routes through the Welsh countryside and a weekend spent in the company of clubmates. The event has sat in the back of my mind and I have been looking forward to it as a ‘summer race’, but somewhere between the many jobs and the endless rain I didn’t notice summer sneaking up on me… But here it is, 23 days away – 3 and a bit weeks! Oh crumbs…

The Welsh Castles Relay is hosted by the Welsh club, Les Croupiers, and runs from Caernarfon in North Wales to Cardiff in the South. The whole event lasts 2 days – Saturday and Sunday – and, at the time of entering, seemed like a jolly good excuse to go camping, hoist the club flag and eat lots of cake. However, having just spent a week in Dolgellau getting stuck up a mountain I’m hesitant to return to the scene of such trauma so soon (a leg of the race runs from Barmouth to Dolgellau, along the path we cycled). But it’s too late – I’ve committed now. I just hope I’m not running a mountain leg because that could go wrong in so very many ways…

This leaves me in a bit of a tricky situation. You see, all of the legs of the relay are around 10 miles long – some are flat and roughly a half marathon in length, some are shorter but hillier. I’m still awaiting confirmation of which leg I will be running, but whichever way you look at it I need to be half-marathon-ready in 3 weeks time. Is that even possible?

My current situation is this:
Ran a half marathon PB nearly 6 weeks ago
Took a week off
Run for fun 3-4 times a week since, but fewer structured sessions and no more 3-4 miles
Consistently run good 5K times at parkrun that hover around my PB
Longest run since that half marathon is 5 miles… And that was just once!
Still got those post-race lazy feelings

So, I haven’t lost my speed, but I fear I may have lost some endurance.

In a panic, I drafted a training plan when I got home from work last night (after a müllerice and mug of aniseed tea), but in hindsight I fear it’s a little ambitious to up my training so quickly. Does anyone have advice for building endurance back up – fast – and shaking off my post-race laziness?


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