Turkey belly’s gonna get me…

This Sunday is the first 10K race of 2013. Well, possible race anyway. I’m not sure if I should run it. Post-Christmas I’m bloated and slow-moving, and I feel like I’m still digesting Turkey and Quality Streets. I’m very worried that belly is going to get me on the last lap…

Who remembers this???

The race fits in very nicely with my New Year’s Running Resolution of keeping it local though, and it is rare opportunity for me to catch up with my clubmates…

My running club, Mornington Chasers, hosts these monthly 10Ks throughout the winter in the beautiful Regents Park. It’s a fab race – small (300-ish runners), friendly (we’re a very nice bunch), cheap as chips (£13 if you’re unaffiliated, £11 if you are), 3 laps (great for checking your pace), and amusing (it runs passed parts of London Zoo and you can hear the animals). Don’t believe me? Check out this race report from a stranger who had fun with us and isn’t a stranger anymore: http://runwithfrankie.com/2012/11/20/running-with-the-running-community/

I’m embarrassed to admit that the main reason I worry about running on Sunday is that I don’t want to run minutes slower than last month’s race. Half marathon training starts on Monday though (more about that on Monday) so I’m going to be confronted by my turkey belly then anyway! If belly’s going to get me, I’d rather it was in good company at a lovely, local race.

If you would like to join us Chasers for this Sunday’s 10K all the registration information is here:  http://www.chaser.me.uk/doku.php?id=compete:races:rp10k



4 thoughts on “Turkey belly’s gonna get me…

  1. This race sounds lovely. I love Regents Park and I go every time I come to London – more for the fact that my sister is a little obsessed with zoo’s and we can’t visit London without visiting the zoo – and I always enjoy walking around it. Run the race and just enjoy it. Who cares if you don’t PB? The last 10K I ran, I just wanted to finish it under 70 minutes and I ended up PB’ing!


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