Running in Harringay

Gosh, it has been a crazy these last few weeks! In the space of a month I have started two new jobs, packed up my flat in South London and moved back North of the river. Needless to say that working until 10pm 4 nights a week, writing lectures in the mornings ready for my one-day-a-week teaching gig, and finding time to eat, shit and sleep has been one heck of a logistical challenge. Have I been out running? Have I hell…

I didn’t go running for 12 days. I stared wistfully at my lycra stash every time I opened the wardrobe. I took the stairs at every opportunity and ran them with high knees. I ran across the University campus to shepherd some lost students back to their correct class.

But none of these momentary bursts of energy brought me the joy of a good ol’ run.

I know that time is tight at the moment, but running brings me so much pleasure and it helps me clear my head. This morning I had just had enough. My head was foggy and my legs were itching… I decided to put my work down for half an hour and get my ass out to the park.


I moved to Harringay this weekend. My room (and the sitting room…) is still full of boxes, but between me, the GF and my new housemates I have managed to unpack and arrange a bed, access to my books, and clean pants. That will suffice for the next few days.


I’m now living just a stone’s throw away from Finsbury Park andI can’t wait to start exploring Harringay in my trainers. I’ve cycled around the area for months and walked around it a fair bit too, but in my opinion there is no better way to build a relationship with a new neighbourhood than by running it.

Joggers are a familiar sight in every town and city, and they always appear part of the scenery. Running around new neighbourhoods that I’ve moved into and imagining myself as a part of that new scenery – a soon-to-be familiar sight – always help me to settle into a new community.


20 minute tempo run: 4.2km

I didn’t plan to run fast, or slow, or do any snazzy intervals, or anything. I just wanted to run and feel good doing it. The leopard print leggings helped enormously…

It’s time to get back on it. I may not be able to make it to my club runs and I may not be able to make it to every race fixture over the winter, but I can definitely make it out to the park. And 20 minutes in the park is a hell of a lot better than 20 minutes on my arse in front of Hollyoaks.


8 thoughts on “Running in Harringay

  1. If you get a bit more time for running, there are some good runs around the area. It took me a while to find them, so sorry if you already know about these, but:
    * Woodland Walk is a nice path (bit uphill, and usually a bit muddy) up to Highgate – you can elongate it to take in Highgate Woods and Alexandra Palace. If you find the pedestrian exit to Finsbury Park near the tennis courts, cross the railway bridge, and the path is immediately on your right.
    * Head down to the Lee Valley towpath. Depending on where you are, it might be a bit of a trek (it’s just east of the A10/High Road), or very close – you can access it from Tottenham Hale, through Springfield Park or Markfield Park. Once on it, though, it’s a traffic-free route to the Docklands, or north beyond the M25 – great for running or cycling.


    1. Thanks Lewis! I ran along the Woodland Walk yesterday and it was fantastic! Very muddy, but so beautiful you almost forget you’re in London. And once you’re in Highgate you might as well hit the Heath, right?… It was a fab run – thanks for the tip.


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