Olympics poster giveaway

I’m not running a giveaway, but Adidas is.

Any readers who take the train to work will more than likely be familiar with the Metro newspaper, a free tabloid newspaper that is part of the Daily Mail family. While the political integrity of its content is at times questionable, its front covers during the Olympics have been bloody marvellous! Each day the paper has featured beautifully illustrated portraits of some of our Team GB athletes.


Clockwise from top: TEAM GB TAKE THE STAGE by Joshua Budich, ZOE SMITH: TAKE THE STRAIN by Paul Willough,  JESS & VICTORIA: TAKE THE STAGE by Paul X. Johnson

I didn’t get chance to pick up a paper today so I had to settle for peering at another commuter’s copy on the Victoria line. As I did so I noticed the small print stating that you could get a free limited edition poster of each cover illustration by taking the Metro cover to an Adidas store. Obviously I didn’t have a copy of the paper, so I had to scrabble for a discarded one on the platform at Warren Street tube station. The cleaner very patiently waited for me to remove a cover before wrestling the rest of the paper off me.

Admittedly it wasn’t my most refined moment – reading over someone’s shoulder and picking scraps up off the floor of London tube stations – but it was totally worth it, because after a 3.6 mile lunchtime run around the West End to the Oxford Street Adidas store (“Sorry, we’ve run out. But you can try the Covent Garden store.”), then to the Covent Garden store and back to work I had my very own poster of the wonderful Brownlee Brothers. It’s going to look smashing in the Team GB shrine I’m planning for my bedroom.

Me with my poster, back in the office after my lunchtime run
Brownlee Brothers illustration by Stevie G.




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