10 days to go…

I’ve got just 10 days until I run the Down Tow Up Flow half marathon and my training has been a disaster. After all my effort drawing up a sexy new training plan I have spent the last few months doing little more than tinker with my bicycle, jog across Hampstead Heath when it takes my fancy and alleviate the guilt with a weekly threshold session on the treadmill at lunchtime. All in all I am far from prepared.

But for the first time I am not that bothered. I was quite firm when I signed up for this race that it would be for fun, not for a PB (though that would of course have been lovely) and, having not gone for a long run for a while (oops!), I’m really looking forward to a rather indulgent day of jogging along the river.

Over the next 10 days I’m planning:
a tempo 5K
2 threshold sessions (5-6mins with 2 minutes recovery, x5)
a slow 8-10 miler
a steady 6 miler
and a jolly 5K Race For Life pacing my Mam.

But that’s it. Is there anything else I can do at this very late stage to make my 13.1 miles if not faster then perhaps just a little easier?


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