The jeans of a champion: Levi’s new Commuter jeans

Do you remember those Levi’s jeans that I won by being a bad ass cyclist?
No? Read this.
Yes? Read on.

I had some reservations about these jeans, not because I doubted the Levi’s design, but because I doubted that a size 14 not-too-curvy-but-not-exactly-slim-hipped girl like me would be able to fit into a pair of boy’s jeans. You see they have decided to trial this design with the big boys first before rolling them out to the girls. I did raise my concern when I received my winner’s email and was told that many girls had actually been quite happy with the fit of the boy’s jeans because the sizes do run small enough, but that if they didn’t fit properly I could have a pair of Curve ID jeans instead.

Obviously I was pretty offended by the assumption that being pretty fit by default makes me super slim, but that briefly aside I did try on the boy’s Commuters and they are awesome. They actually fitted pretty well, so I got me a pair in denim.

The selling points of the Commuters are:

Higher rise at the back
Utility waistband to hold your U lock
Reinforced fabric and reinforced seams where needed most (read: crutch and ass)
Stretch fabric
Reflective detail on the cuffs

And it all works. My jeans had something of a baptism of fire as I ventured out on a 14 mile ride across London in torrential rain (I don’t believe that “torrential” is an exaggeration).

The simple alteration of a higher rise at the back meant that I didn’t feel like I had to pull at them or adjust at all on the ride, and the extra stretch made them so comfortable.  Even better, while the jeans are only water repellent, not waterproof, I was considerably drier and more comfortable than my companions in their regular denim (though quite why they wore jeans in that weather I will never know…)

The verdict then? The Commuters are awesome.

My only gripe is  that when I tried on the beige and black Commuters they didn’t fit nearly so well. I found it a bit weird that they would cut the jeans so differently in different fabrics as they are all based on the Levi’s 511, but they were so different that I actually comfortably fitted a size smaller in the denim – go figure…


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