Levi’s Sprint King

I’m on the hunt for free stuff.

I am desperately saving up for a new bicycle to replace my old townbike, but this means that I have to tighten the purse strings dramatically for the next few months. To try and make this less miserable I have decided to turn it into a fun game of Find The Free  And Cheap Stuff. So here is my first fun, free/cheap adventure story.

Levi’s have recently launched their new Commuter range, designed for cyclists, and to promote it they have an instore sprint cycling competition. They’ve set up two rollapaluza bikes and invited anyone – yes, anyone – to take on the 500m time trial. The fastest boy and the fastest girl each day win a pair of the new Commuter jeans. The fastest during the whole competition wins a trip for two to Paris.

My thought process goes like this:
I like bicycles.
I like sprinting.
I like clothes.
I like competition.
I like winning.

So yesterday lunchtime I ran out of the office and down to their flagship store on Regent street, jumped on one of the bikes. Two cycle sprints later I am the proud owner of the Thursday girls’ record of 28.12 seconds and I am collecting my new jeans later today. Review to follow.

The Sprint King competition will be at Levi’s Regent Street store until 1 May and will then be at Selfridges 2 May – 10 May. GET ON IT.

P.S. Two things that have not gone unnoticed and will get a proper mention after I have collected my jeans:
1. These jeans are only available as men’s. They might bring out a woman’s range later, but y’know, they’re trialling them with the big boys before rolling them out to the more delicate sex…
2. The trip to Paris seems to be for the fastest overall winner, which will inevitably be a boy because boys just go faster. That sucks. No romantic trip to Paris for me…


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