You know you run too much when…

You know you run too much when how much you like a park or piece of open grassland depends upon what kind of running you could do on/over it.

I have recently moved to South London and have spent much of the last 6 weeks sulking about how far away my new home is from Hampstead Heath and desperately looking for any patch of grass that can bring me and my trainers as much joy as the summit of Parliament Hill. I have visited Primrose Hill with my running club, and one week I even dragged myself to the Heath to volunteer at parkrun,  but in spite of this there has been a distinct lack of greenery in my recent running, and this makes me sad.

Since moving to London last year I have noticed that people have great loyalty to their ‘side’ of the River Thames, and so my grumbles have ruffled more than a few feathers amongst South-dwelling friends and colleagues. Suggestions have been coming in thick and fast of suitably green running locations – Brockwell Park (“such a beautiful view from top”), Dulwich Park (“there’s a forest nearby…”), Totting Bec Common (“there’s even a lido for you there!”) – but it turns out that greenery alone is not enough for me anymore…

“Are there any hills?”
“What’s the circumfarence of the park?”
“What’s the surface of the paths like?”

You get the idea.

I need to chill out.


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