I kept on running…

This blog was only supposed to run as long as I was, and that was only really supposed to be until I had run the Bath half marathon, but seeing as I have kept running I figured this blog should too…

It has been almost exactly 6 months since I ran in Bath, and a lot has happened since then. Here is a brief summary of my summer’s running adventures:

Ran the Bath Half in 2:03:14. I had been aiming for sub-2hrs and with a 52min 10K thought I was quite capable of it. However I hadn’t been as strict with my training and paid the price in the last couple of miles. I did finish though, and I’m chuffed with my time for a first attempt.

After running the Bath Half I should have rested for a few days at least. However I had a really crummy day at work the following week and decided to run off the anger over some hills. Bad idea. I pulled my hamstring really badly and couldn’t run for a couple of months.

I threw myself back into running by attending the first ever parkrun on Hampstead Heath in May. I have been there pretty much every week since, either running, volunteering, or both.

I actually fulfilled one of my new year’s resolutions! I have taken my trainers with me whenever I have left town and gone running. To be fair this hasn’t been difficult because I haven’t really gone away very much, but I did go for a jog around Berlin and I did run a mile up a hill in Yorkshire.

I officially joined the Mornington Chasers, the running club I visited while training for Bath. I like it a lot and have run a few races with them. Quite a few other members have started coming along to parkrun on the heath, which is lovely, and a couple of parkrunners are coming along to the Chasers too!

I ran my second half marathon: the Down Tow Up Flow, which was fab. It was an trail race along the Thames from Marlow to Windsor. Unfortunately my training had fallen apart and I hadn’t managed the long runs. As a pale skinned red head I just couldn’t cope with running for long periods during the summer, and by the time the July race rolled around the furthest I had managed was 11 miles. I was only slightly slower than in Bath though, and it was bloody hot on the day, so I’m not too disappointed about it. Plus it was a beautiful race.

I also ran a couple of 5 mile trail races that were hosted by the Orion Harriers. I think I have been officially converted to off-road running. Actually the Chasers are in the cross country league…

I have signed up for the Cardiff half marathon on October 16. This is 2 days after my birthday AND almost a year to the day since my first 10km race, which at the time was the furthest I had ever run. I am therefore referring to this race as my runniversary, and hope to finally get that sub-2hr half marathon. That would be a good birthday present.

I think that all the running I have done this summer. Now to focus on the winter training…


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