Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2011! I hope everyone had a great Christmas holiday, however it was spent. Mine was absolutely fantastic. I managed to take a trip to see my family in my hometown over Christmas and then spent a few days over New Year with some very old and dear friends, visiting charity bookshops, watching 30 Rock and dancing to some gypsy-folk and dub step. It was a great break away from the chaos of London and I kept my promise to myself and took my running shoes with me.

I grew up in the beautiful city of Hereford, on the Welsh border, and was very excited about being able to run around all of my favourite parts of town. Years ago as a teenager I wanted to take up Sunday morning jogging, as did many of my friends. I think it seemed like a good way to regain some control  when our adolescent bodies seemed to be doing all manner of things that were completely outside of our control! However I’m pretty sure that none of us ever bothered… I certainly didn’t anyway. But even though I am no longer a teenager and I am no longer at war with my body, running, cycling and swimming still help me to feel more in touch with my physical self, something that I think we all lose a sense of when our lives revolve around fast living, convenience, media oversaturation and increasingly electronic interaction with each other. Exercise reminds me that food is fuel and that it is important. It forces me to think about how amazing and marvellous our bodies are. It makes me look at the area I am in – the buildings, the roads, the route, the people.

But enough of the sappy stuff – I wanted to tell you about running in Hereford. I managed two short, 5km-ish runs round the city, both around 30 mins and one through the snow. The snow was about 8-10 inches deep on a playing field and had barely been trodden on. Running across it is definitely in my top 5 things that I did over the holiday! I felt like a kid again! It was pretty difficult to run on, a bit like sand, and it was pretty darn cold and damp too… My mam was quite unimpressed with my soggy trainers when I got home!

I’ve decided that I will try running whenever I go away this year. I think it’ll give me an extra perspective on the places that I visit. I am visiting a friend in Berlin in a few weeks, so that will be an amazing city to run around (if my friend doesn’t mind me disappearing for an hour, of course) and I will hopefully be visiting Chicago and Indiana in the summer too (though I unfortunately won’t be there for the Chicago Half Marathon).

New Year’s Resolutions then are as follows:

1. Take my trainers with me on my travels in 2011

2. To take reuseable bags with me to the shops (I have many, but never take them).

and 3. To finish the Bath Half Marathon, of course!


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