Are you all ready for the sweepstake?

I have posted a little fundraising competition on my Sponsor Me page for you all to have a go at. You just need to guess my finishing time from one of the empty options and pay £1 for each guess to be in with a chance of winning a pair of hand-knitted socks. The socks will be lovingly knitted to your own foot measurements by me.

I’ve given times at 30 second intervals, between 1hr 30 mins and 2 hrs 31 mins, so there’s plenty of choice. I’ll update the form as you guess and fill in your names (or psuedonyms, if you’re feeling private), so you can see your competition…

If you want to take part you will need to email your guess and your name as you want it to appear on the form to redheadontherun@hotmail.co.uk. You will also need to pay the £1 to make your guess valid. You can either pay this through my Just Giving page or you can send me a cheque/carefully concealed cash. Email me for a postal address.

Get guessing and good luck!

Hint: I finished my last 10K race in 52:30. My last timed 5K was cross country and completed in 28:01.


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