Training schedule starts today!

I scoured the internet for a training schedule. I knew vaguely what it needed to consist of –  at least one long, easy run and at least one speed session – but I had no idea how often to increase my distances or by how much. Increasing the distance too quickly can result in injury and as I am running for charity, I don’t want to risk pulling and letting people down.

Most of the training schedules that I found online were terrifyingly intense. They required at least 5 sessions a week. I’m dedicated and I like to work hard, but I have other things going on in my life too and really don’t fancy training that often. It’s not just that I’m too busy (after all, most runs wouldn’t be more than 40mins) but also that I don’t want to become bored with it. I have spoken to a few people who have trained so intensly for a race that they lost enthusiasm for running all together. I don’t want to lose my hobby and so I need a training schedule that requires me to be in my lycra no more than 4 days a week.

I found my perfect schedule courtesy of the Lucozade running coach. It requires 4 runs a week from me: 2 easy runs (1 long, 1 short) and 2 speed sessions. Perfect. I have also been told how important it is that I also incorporate strength and stability work into my training and so thanks to my new gym membership I am also attending my first pilates class this week. The class is on the same day as a 30minute easy run. I’m sure I can handle watching the news from the treadmill before class.

I have never done pilates before, but I know from previous gym classes that I have practically no core strength whatsoever – it should be interesting! Have you ever tried to do the plank? No? Give it a go. It hurts. I’m looking forward to it though. At the end of my last 10K race I could really feel how weak my upper body and midrif was in comparison to my legs so I really want to improve them. Also, on a slightly more superficial level, pilates and yoga are supposed to help you develop longer, leaner muscles, so hopefully my calves won’t bulk up anymore!


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