Finding my way around London

As planned, I have gone out for my first daylight London run today. It wasn’t quite as early as I had planned, as I have had a hectic weekend (again) exploring the city, checking out a tragic goth night at Electric Ballroom, an amazing acoustic show at the London Action Resource Centre and stumbling into an awesome blues gig in a pub in Bethnal Green on the way home. I managed to stay relatively sober though and so I was in my lycra this morning without a hangover.

I decided to use today’s run as an opportunity to find a walking route to work. I have been catching the bus during my first week, but as it’s (apparently) only 3 miles to the office I want to be able to cycle or walk it once I know the way. I got some directions from Google Maps, wrote them on a post-it, pulled on my trainers and headed out the door. The route was in a similar direction as my run earlier in the week, so it was really nice getting a better feel for the streets around where I am living. There were quite a lot of long gradients on the way, which made it pretty hard work, but it was so satisfying to reach Baker Street and realise that I know where I am and know my way around! I’m sure today’s route wasn’t the most efficient route that I could have taken, but it seems cycleable and that makes me happy.

According to I ran just over 7K. I am happy with this. It was hard work, but manageable and I definitely feel that once I am more familiar with the area I’ll be able to increase this distance fairly quickly – constantly checking my post-it note directions was very distracting!


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