a.k.a. Hannah McQuarrie
Cyclist, cycling instructor & cycling project manager
(also a cake-enthusiast, triathlete and Greys Anatomy fan)

I make awesome decisions in bike storesI love riding bikes and I love helping other people to ride bikes. So much so in fact, I make a living doing it. I am a freelance badass working in the cycling industry, primarily in cycle training and community engagement.

I wholeheartedly believe that the UK would be a better place if more people rode bikes. Not only would the air would be cleaner and the population healthier, bikes also have the power to make us happier. Cycling gives us freedom and autonomy in a society that does not often grant us such things.

Improving the accessibility of cycling as transport, as sport, and as leisure – and improving its appeal to the every(wo)man as potential transport/sport/leisure – is no small task though. We need infrastructural overhaul and we need to challenge perceptions of cycling. I spend my days working towards these things. You can read about the projects I have worked on here.

  • National Standard cycling instructor and instructor trainer
  • Balanceability instructor and instructor trainer
  • Accredited bike mechanic
  • England Athletics Leader in Running Fitness



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